StoreCare Stainless Steel Cleaner


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StoreCare Stainless Steel Cleaner is a member of the StoreCare family of advanced cleaning products.  It was developed for easy yet effective cleaning and polishing of stainless steel surfaces without streaking.  It is supplied in a convenient ready-to-use form.  It is ideal for the convenience store/gas station industry.

  • Excellent for cleaning the stainless steel on dispensers and other stainless steel hardware on the forecourt.
  • Quickly cleans built up grime, fingerprints and stains without streaking.
  • Great for cleaning stainless steel shelving.
  • Superior cleaner for stainless food and coffee service equipment and the soda fountain as well as stainless surfaces and hardware around beverage coolers.
  • Will not damage decals and painted surfaces.
  • USDA food service approved.

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1 Gallon Bottle, 1 Quart Bottle