Improves Worker Safety

Safely and Easily Cleans up Spills

With growing enforcement of health and safety regulations, ECS programs protect employees from the hazardous vapors associated with volatile hydrocarbons. This also keeps you in compliance with OSHA and free of fines.

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Oil sheen
Environmentally Correct

Micro-Solubilizes Hydrocarbons into an Innocuous Suspension

Micro-solubilization of hydrocarbon particles attains environmental advantages in the suppression of volatile organics while increasing bioavailability to the natural biodegradation processes. For over 50 years, our specific blends of water-based biodegradable surfactants* have been mitigating the many hazards faced by industry professionals who explore, handle, transport, or market petrochemical products. This also helps eliminate stormwater runoff rainbowing.


*OECD301 / EC No.648/2004

Proven Formula

Meets Regulatory Compliance While Exceeding Industry Expectations

ECS products have been reviewed, tested, approved, scrutinized, and used throughout the world, and ECS chemistries attain many distinct levels of effectiveness based on industry-specific applications. From waste determinations to confined space entry to spill response and cleanup, ECS has proven itself to be the innovative leader with purposeful programs and dynamic products.

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An Innovative, Environmentally Correct Solution that Solublizes Oil Spills into a Safe Emulsion on Contact